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The circular irrigation systems are the type of wide-coverage watering systems. Water is delivered into tubes by a pump. The tubes are mounted on the support towers with wheels (the connections are flexible and stable). The wheels are set in motion by applying the hydraulic drive. 

The effect of dead stop and sudden start is excluded due to the hydraulic drive. Also the hydraulic leveling system of trucks and the system of emergency stop of the whole system are used in a case of obstacles on the field.

There are two types of the circular systems: movable and stationary.

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  Circular irrigation

  Sector circular irrigation  

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  Multizone circular irrigation 

Circular stationary systems 

A reliable construction of the stationary columns of the central tower provides maximum service life of the platform. The size depends on the length of the line irrigation. The irrigation machine of the circular type can bear the hardest loads which are determinate by the irregular surface, the tracks.


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Circular movable irrigation systems

This type of the machine can be moved for watering of two or more sectors. It gives the opportunity to enlarge the square of irrigation due to only one machine. There are two types of movable irrigation systems: self-propelled and towed.

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