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Choosing the dryer

Drying is the most important process in a primary processing of the grain and its preparation for storage for a long time. Correct drying improves and saves the grain quality. It’s better to use the grain dryer as a part of the grain collecting and cleaning center or grain-storage system. Automation control system allows to get a final product with necessary characteristics.

Modern dryers:

  • regular drying regardless the wind direction;
  • automation process;
  • protection against burning;
  • robust and long-life constructions

The type and model of the dryers is chosen according to the type of the product to be dried, the place of installation, residential area.

The dryer efficiency depends on maximum possible stresses (the highest grain moisture, the necessity to dry a lot of grain) and product types to be dried. For example: the dryer of the shaft type should dry about 40 t/h of the wheat, but during the drying of the corn the efficiency will be about 10-15 t/h. Such situations are lead to efficiency decrease of the whole complex. The result of it is the necessity to change the dryer to the new one or to install the second.

Grain drying process

The process of the grain drying is the following: the grain gets into the loading bin from the grain storage with the help of the additional device of the grain supply (bucket elevator, auger, or belt conveyor) worked under the dryer computer control. In the upper part of the bin for a wet grain the paddle switch of the dryer filling control is located. It controls the level of the grain filling. According the received data the computer turns on/off the dryer and the additional devices. During the filling process, the loading auger located in the bin for a wet grain evenly distributes the grain over the dryer length . When the space between the grain columns are filled, the filling sensor will be activated and the computer will turn off the loading auger and the additional device, and start the fans and the burners. The inner and outer walls are perforated. It gives the opportunity to blow off the grain layer, providing the temperature which were set by the operator

The metering rolls are located In the lower part of the dryer. Residence time of the grain in the column is  controlled with their speed. The lower screw auger unloads dry grain.