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The clean-up auger is designed for the grain movement in a horizontal direction. It is used in the silos with the flat bottoms for complete grain unloading.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum length – 16 m

Efficiency – 100 t/h

The clean-up augers have the abrasion –resistant polyurethane cover, which increases the service life of the equipment. The infeed screw is made in a shape of a continuous spiral, reinforced at the base to increase a life-time. To provide the auger hyrmeticity the shaft of infeed screw has a reliable seal. The diameters of the clean-up augers: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”and are used with the silos which diameters are from 4,57 m up to 32 m.


The auger is a device of a constantly grain movement. The working body is a feed spiral, rotating in a gutter. During the silo unloading the grain passes on the under silo transportation system through the discharge orifices. You can use the chain conveyor or the screw auger. The grain which didn’t pass through the orifices should be transported mechanically into it, using the clean-up auger. The clean-up auger moves in a circle and move the grain for unloading.

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