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    Turnkey construction
    of grain storage
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    Construction of grain dryer complexes

Since 2007 BASU- RUS has realized agricultural projects in Russia. We are talking about projects, because our company doesn’t just sell the equipment, but solves the customer’s tasks. The main goal of any project is profitability increasing using new manufacturing technologies, processing and storage of crop products. The equipment just is a means to an end. It’s necessary to choose a technology solution and to find a necessary equipment set, which may include the equipment of different producers. Our specialists design automation systems with program control of whole manufacture. The customer gets a necessary result from  ''one hand''

PARTNERSHIP is a way to success!

Due to successful experience of foreign and national agricultural companies, connecting with introduction technology solutions of world famous companies, BASU-RUS can offer a reliable equipment of the highest quality in different price range. Our experienced specialists will always help you to find a necessary solution.

Using the equipment of foreign companies, BASU-RUS collects it taking into account Russian climate. It allows to avoid additional expenses, which can nullify all the customer’s efforts to improve manufacturing process. A proper use of modern equipment guarantees necessary result.

Услуги компании БАЗУ-Русь

После уборки обязательно необходимо проводить первичную обработку зерна. Очистка и сушка являются важнейшими операциями первичной обработки и подготовки зерна к хранению. Зерносушильный комплекс по приемке, очистке и сушке зерна позволяет соблюсти всю технологическую цепочку первичной обработки зерна и получить гарантированный результат на выходе.
С компанией “БАЗУ-Русь” Ваше  зерно под надежной защитой!